"The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the man of inferior emotional balance, nor the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor."
Jessie Livermore; How To Trade In Stocks


Time Element - Trader's Best Friend

Pivotal Point - Identified & Explained

Key Price - When to Buy & Sell

Stock Selection - Perfect Every Time

Added Bonus - Volume; The Perfect Indicator!

Trade Successfully Forever - The Livermore Trading System E-Books

Effective stock trading

has never been quite this simple or profitable...

Time Element

“ Out of it all emerges my theory of time element in trading, which I regard as the most important factor in successful speculation.”

J. Livermore

By using this one thought your trading will improve 100% - Explained!


Pivotal Point

“ Whenever I have had the patience to wait for the market to arrive at what I call a “Pivotal Point” before I started to trade, I have always made money in my operations.”

J. Livermore

The Livermore Trading System teaches identification of the different types of Pivotal Points - Easy and Profitable

Key Price

“ What I wanted to discover was a method of recognizing what constituted the minor swings. I realized a market in a definite trend still had numerous intermediate oscillations. They had been confusing. They were no longer to be my concern.”

J. Livermore

The Livermore Trading System use of the new "Key Price" will get any trader in the trend and get them out at the end

Depending how you measure it, Livermore's fortune peaked

between $1.1 and $14.0 billion dollars in today's money

“So when Jesse Livermore, with characteristic frankness, draws back the curtain and reveals publicly his rules for combining time element and prices he takes the spotlight for audacity among the top-flight speculators of the age.”


 – Edward Jerome Dies, noted market author, 1940


“The Livermore Trading System combines both the #1 trading book, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and How to Trade In Stocks into an immediately profitable stock trading system that will make any trader serious money in the stock market!”


– Garette Haire, author and LTS user

“When you combine Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, How to Trade in Stocks, the Livermore Trading System and The 5 Minute Investor you end up with everything you need to know about the maximizing returns in the stock market; far superior to any professional money manager” – Garette Haire


Which stocks will give you the greatest returns with the least amount of risk - Learn Jesse Livermore’s secret stock plan


How to build the LTS Perfect Stock Portfolio for all markets


How to identify, own and trade the perfect stocks for you!


It will maximize your 401k plan as well


– Garette Haire, author and LTS user

"In my interviews with over 30 of the best traders of our time, there were some questions that I raised in each conversation. One of these was: Are there any books that you found particularly valuable and would recommend to aspiring traders? By far, the most frequent response was Reminiscences of a Stock Operator - a book that was over 70 years old!"


--Jack Schwager, author of "Market Wizards" and "The New Market Wizard"

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The Livermore Trading System Lifetime Stock Portfolio Sale! $19.95

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The Livermore Trading System is about You Taking Stock Profits


You are here for a reason.  It is assumed that it is because you want to trade and make money in the Stock Market.  Because you are reading this, you have researched trading and found that without parallel the greatest stock trader that ever lived was Jesse Livermore.  It is through his past words that today you will begin to make a significant difference in your trading.  It's time for you to make money in the market. Buy the 2nd best stock trading book ever written.

The challenge that you and many traders have in reading his book and by reading Livermore’s fictional biography by Edwin Lefevre “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” is not with all of his stock market insight.  We all know that market experts around the world agree that those books are some of the best trading books ever written.  Rather might our challenge be is how does one take Livermore’s past work and profit from it today and for years to come.  The Livermore Trading System will show you how.  It is a complete stock trading system like no other.  Now go make Jesse proud!

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" I can only light the way, and I shall be happy, if through my guidance, you are able to take more money out of the stock market than you put in."     -  J. Livermore


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